[owncloud-devel] Help us with Project Ideas page

Olivier Goffart olivier at owncloud.com
Fri Jan 30 09:04:34 GMT 2015

On Thursday 29 January 2015 16:54:17 Christoffer Holmstedt wrote:
> I installed my first instance of ownCloud a few days ago and set up
> file sharing between my computer and my wife's. Both of us are really
> happy with how easy ownCloud is to use, great job everyone!
> I'm currently thinking about creating my own desktop application with
> C++ / Qt 5.4+ / QtQuick 2 and was looking around for how I can use
> ownCloud for storing data and maybe use ownCloud as user account
> "backend". (As a user I would want to log in to the desktop
> application by supplying my ownCloud instance user credentials).
> The ownCloud client [1] doesn't seem to have any "library" part that
> can be easily used outside of the client so the only option today is
> to share single sqllite database over normal file sharing but this
> will probably end up with collisions. So if I haven't missed anything
> obvious for the C++ world, I'm with Vincent on this one. Some kind of
> "ownCloud client API"/"libowncloud" would be really nice.

The owncloud client has a library: 


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