[owncloud-devel] 8.0 RC1

Frank Karlitschek frank at owncloud.org
Sat Jan 31 17:57:59 GMT 2015

Hi everyone,

the ownCloud 8.0 RC1 release is done and ready.

You find the download here:

Please give this a very good test!

It would be great if everyone would go over the wiki page and add the features that where added in case something is missing.

So what are the next steps?
Please concentrate on testing and fixing showstopper bugs only for the next few days. It is possible that we release the final version a few days later than the original schedule because of the needed additional testing.

Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed to this release in ownCloud in general. This is the work of an awesome community.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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