[owncloud-devel] No-unsubscribe option in the share/can edit dropdown lists

Konstantinos Kaleris kkaleris at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 6 18:19:53 GMT 2015

Dear Owncloud developers,
greetings to everybody!. I am new member to your development list, going to build some custom features on owncloud for my employer in the next couple of months.
We use owncloud to share files with customers, however customers tend to delete or "unshare" files we provided them from their accounts, which they need later in the future. In order to prevent them from deleting important files, I will have to customize the files app and/or the core a little bit in order to hide the 'delete' or 'unshare' buttons for selected files. I kindly ask for some help at this point.

I tried to approach this by inserting a condition right at point where the delete button is created - fileactions.js line 292. If the file is shared from somebody else (meaning its mountType is shared or shared-root) and a no-unshare attribute of the file is set to yes, then the delete button should disappear. I would like to have this no-unshare attribute created in the share/can edit dropdown list, through a fourth checkbox along with create, change and delete. So every time the person sharing a file selects the 'no-unshare' checkbox, I would like a no-unshare attribute in the <tr> </tr> of the file to be assigned to 1 or yes etc. so that I can read it from the fileactions.js. 

I did some attempts in the share.js file in the core and the filelist.js but couldn't figure out how to create this attribute from the share list. Could you please provide some directions? Any hint or help would be very  welcome!
Kind Regards,Konstantinos
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