[owncloud-devel] "choose what to sync" should not delete local folders

Steven Hopps shopps at pridetechdesign.com
Wed Jul 8 17:21:02 GMT 2015

Hi, I love this app and thanks for creating it.

I have one major problem with the desktop sync client in windows. The 
current behavior is to delete files from the local drive if they are 
unchecked in the "Choose what folders to sync" dialog. This is wrong.

There are no other cloud storage apps that behave in this way, and I'm 
flabbergasted why this was the approach taken. The sync app should never 
delete files from the local drive, unless that option is specifically 
enabled by the user, and it should default to disabled should that 
option be created. Unchecking a folder in the sync list should cause 
that folder to be ignored completely by the app, and nothing else.

This is a crippling mistake in design. I'll use my business as an 
example. I have a top folder called "Business Files", and underneath 
that folder are a number of mission critical folders "Contracts", "Media 
Assets", "Works in Progress". I want to backup and distribute the 
contracts and assets to the cloud, but works in progress are short-term, 
and involve large files not suitable to be synchronized 24/7. So I need 
a way to ignore the "works in progress" folder. I should not be forced 
to re-order the folder structure to work-around what is a design flaw in 
the sync client.

Other than that, thanks for a great app, and I hope this issue gets 

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