[owncloud-devel] user_external plugin (IMAP), set quota, add to group

Martin crysman Zahradník crysman at seznam.cz
Thu Jul 30 07:47:09 GMT 2015

Hello, please, how to make a newly created user automatically assigned
to a group (already existing group) and set him/her default quota? I am
using the user_external official plugin, customizing the imap.php file.

I am trying to figure it out myself, but no luck :/ and this seems to be
a right place to ask.

I need something like

>        if ! (userExists($uid)) {
>            addToGroup($uid, "_myfavouritegroupname_");
>            setquota($uid, "_myfavourite_quota_limit_")
>        }

But I do not know the names and parameters of real functions (if present?)

I have already found out, how to set quota, it should be like this:
>  OC_Preferences::setValue($uid, 'files', 'quota', '1024 MB');

But I am missing the "userExists()" function - in order not to make it
every time a user loggs in. It needs to be done just ONCE (first login).
And also I am missing the "addToGroup()" function :/

Thanks a lot!
Using ownCloud 8.0.x
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