[owncloud-devel] Contacts app

Andreas Hechenberger oc at hechenberger.me
Thu Jul 30 20:14:09 GMT 2015

Hey Gerald,

sry i am not a official owncloud dev but i am long enough around to tell
you that it take time that anyone will read your mail or pull requests ^^

Like Chris told you at the owncloud-users: "AFAIK its not dead but just
needs an maintainer so you probably needs some patience."
Or if you want you can become the next maintainer :)

You also can come around in the IRC-Channel (#owncloud-dev) and ask
there for more information. But i think the most problem is that there
is a missing maintainer :(


On 27.07.2015 11:27, Gerald Vogt wrote:
> So I try my luck here, after it was suggested in owncloud-user to ask here:
> I don't want to be pushy here, but... as someone mentioned in a comment
> that the current contacts app would be "dead"  I was wondering if I can
> expect anyone to review my pull requests on github or if that was just a
> waste of time and an operation on a dead patient...
> This was my first edits on github ever and I don't know if I did
> something wrong and it doesn't appear where it should be or if it's
> simply ignored because of status "dead" or if it's my impatience...
> Thanks,
> Gerald
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