[owncloud-devel] Get Fingerprint / DeviceId from WebDAV Requests

julien.richard at rcdevs.com julien.richard at rcdevs.com
Fri Jun 5 16:30:42 GMT 2015

Hello, anybody could help me? or give me a track where I can find the solution (Nothing in https://doc.owncloud.org/ <https://doc.owncloud.org/>)

I'm running:
- ownCloud 8.0.3
- Apache 2.4.12
- MySQL 5.5.42
- PHP 5.4.40
- phpMyAdmin 4.4.3

I'm currently developing an app to authenticate owncloud user to our OTP Server, everything works well, the app is nearly ready. I missed one thing to finish a particular behavior, when users authenticate through remote connections, typically with a WebDAV request, I need to get a Unique Identifiant from the device, like a DeviceID from the MobileApps, and the same thing from the Clients Desktops. I achieve to get a fingerprint on web Interface, but impossible to find how to catch the request from the Devices and find a unique Id for these Device (not the requests). I was able to get OC_Connector_Sabre_Request Object, with many HTTP headers, but nothing interesting for my case. Please Help me, I try to find a solution since 3 days and I'm beginning to be desperate.

Thank you very much for your Help,

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