[owncloud-devel] Apps no longer maintained

Arkascha foss at christian-reiner.info
Mon Jun 15 13:18:30 GMT 2015

Hi all, 
sad in general, but certainly the right decision  I to had to make personally: 

The four apps I contributed to owncloud are unmaintained from now on: 
Shorty, Shorty Tracking, Imprint, Fluxx Compensator Y

I will mark that fact in their entries on apps.owncloud.com myself to prevent 
further frustration for users, but I cannot remove the entries myself. I only 
will set them to "unapproved" so that they are not offered any more for 
activation (which is broken due to changes in core again anyway). 

I suggest to delete my code from the owncloud repositories at github too, out 
of the same reasons. Again that is nothing I could or should do myself. But it 
is more than unlikely that anyone will pick up that code and invest all the 
time required to maintain them. And stale, unusable code is worse than no 

I wish the project good luck and success in its future development! 

Take care, 

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