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Joas Schilling nickvergessen at owncloud.com
Tue Jun 16 14:34:01 GMT 2015

Hi, I could try to do somethign about smashbox. However, I'm not a very 
good speaker, so it could be more of a 15mins demo or something. Is that 
okay as well?

Am 16.06.2015 um 13:58 schrieb Jos Poortvliet:
> On Tuesday 16 June 2015 10:31:34 Jos Poortvliet wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> June 28 is the deadline to send in talk proposals for the ownCloud
>> Contributor Conference. Deadline, you say? Well, with already over 140
>> registrations, we're in need of some real conference pretense and real
>> conferences have deadlines for their CfP.
>> Besides, I want to announce the program on August 1st so yes, a deadline.
>> After registration, you can submit a talk here:
>> https://conference.owncloud.org/conference/oCC2015/proposal
>> If you want to know what we're looking for, check the CfP blog:
>> https://owncloud.org/blog/owncloud-contributor-conference-2015-call-for-pape
>> rs/
> For those who would ask "why would I talk, and about what?" here some
> thoughts.
> There are three reasons to talk at the conf:
> 1. to share what has been happening in the area you work in with everybody
> 2. to teach new skills to those interested in a particular subject
> 3. to inspire or get help from everybody
> 1 and 3 fit a lightning talk for Saturday and Sunday morning: you are in the
> main hall, talking to the entire crowd for 3-7 minutes. Slides optional, if
> you have them, I need them in PDF at least 2 days in advance and I make sure
> they are there for you (can't be switching laptops in between talks).
> 2 is either a tech talk or a workshop. We have 1 hour tech talks, 1 hour
> workshops and 2 hour workshops. If you think you need a 30 min tech talk, just
> say so. During the workshops, the hacking rooms are open (but some are
> commissioned for the workshops).
> (the 1 hour tech talk and the 1 hour workshop option have just been added. I
> might add a 30 min tech talk if there is need, you can still change your
> submission later)
> Examples.
> 1. You work on, say, LDAP. You have done all kinds of changes to the
> architecture since the last conference. In 2-3 minutes, summarize the changes
> so everybody has an idea how LDAP is doing. Or you do security stuff. Give a 5
> minute overview of the changes and how they impact other developers.
> 2. You work on External Storage support so you give a 1 hour workshop on how
> to build a new external storage app. You work on sharing. Give at 30 minute
> tech talk about how it works.
> 3. You want more people to help with the Mail app. You explain what you're
> trying to do in a lightning talk and invite ppl to work on it in one of the
> rooms at the hackathon.
> Hope this helps a bit. Oh, and especially those who's apps became examples
> here: if you don't send in a talk proposal I will come haunt you in your
> sleep.
> Cheers,
> Jos
>> Do so this week, please.
>> See you in Berlin,
>> J
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