[owncloud-devel] external storage and sharing

Michael Roth michael.roth at rz.uni-augsburg.de
Mon Jun 29 09:57:51 GMT 2015

Hello everybody,

we are trying to implement our own external storage to connect ownCloud
to our on-premise file storage. We encountered one problem when sharing
files from the new external storage.
The mounted external storage's id is stored in the database with the id
"cfs::<USERNAME>". When a file is shared the entry from the shared file
references the numerical id of the storage. But ownCloud can not access
the file because the storage is not mounted for other users.

UserA shares file.txt
UserB is logged in and can not access the storage "cfs::UserA"

So my question is, how can I tell ownCloud to mount UserA's storage for
UserB? OwnCloud has permissions to access the storage but I do not know
which class is responsible for mounting the storage.

When using SMB external storage a user's storage is available for all
users he shares files with. So how is it done? I am unable to find the
responsible class.

Can someone please help and point me into the right direction?

Thanks a lot and kind regards

Dr. Michael Roth........................ http://www.rz.uni-augsburg.de
Universität Augsburg, Rechenzentrum ............. Tel. (0821) 598-2024
86135 Augsburg .................................. Fax. (0821) 598-2028

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