[owncloud-devel] File Metadata/tags

Devin Ceartas devin at nacredata.com
Mon Jun 29 19:57:18 GMT 2015

I am beginning some client-sponsored development work to create a 
flexible system for associating user-defined metadata with files in 

My starting point is the favorites plugin 

My intention is to first understand how this plugin is implemented and 
be able to mimic it's behavior with alternative meta-data tags. From 
there I will work to develop a way to add new meta-data attributes/tags 
through a user-interface.

I would be most thankful for any information relating to past, current 
or planned similar features or any other guidance. Thanks.

contact info: http://nacredata.com/devin

Ask me about Google Apps for Work: hosting your domain-branded email, 
calendar and cloud storage on Google's infrastructure.

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