[owncloud-devel] Forum news: New subforums for "The Project", "Hosting" and other changes

Mark Ziegler mark.ziegler at rakekniven.de
Sun Mar 1 18:55:45 GMT 2015

The forum team spent some time to make some changes.

For details please see https://forum.owncloud.org/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=26785

Some forum numbers of today:
Number of posts:      66394
Number of topics:     16137
Number of users:      13796
Posts per day:           58.29
Topics per day:         14.17

One remark from my side:
I really appreciate the fact that over the last weeks some developers 
have been around the forums.
It's very valuable.

tflidd and me and others

	Was ich bin, habe ich dadurch erreicht, dass ich ekelhaften Leuten zur
	rechten Zeit gesagt habe, sie sollen sich zum Teufel scheren.
		(Leslie Caron)

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