[owncloud-devel] ownCloud rocks ;-)

Jos Poortvliet jospoortvliet at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 18:14:59 GMT 2015

Hi all,

I know you have plenty of bug reports and other stuff to deal with, but 
here's a message you should hear/read: in February, ownCloud people were at 
FOSDEM and SCALE and talked to at least 2,000 people about what we do.

And they *LOVED ownCloud*

And that is a quote: _LOVE_. I heard that not just once or twice, but 
probably over 50 times: "Dude, I love ownCloud" and every permutation of that 
sentence possible. And further, there were hundreds of "you guys are awesome" 
to "ownCloud rocks" to "man, I am so happy I found ownCloud" and so on!

People who didn't know about ownCloud told me "wow, that is awesome, I will 
try that as soon as I get home" and I even had one person come to me, say 
"hey, I don't use ownCloud, but I think it is fantastic what you are doing, 
keep it up!" -> there's no way to disappoint that person :D

Serious. We didn't talk to more than 5 people who were _less_ than very happy 
with ownCloud.

You see, the thing is: ownCloud fulfills a *very important role* for many 
people. There is no other proper, open solution to do what ownCloud does and 
it is working extremely well for the vast majority of our users. Yes, with so 
many users you are bound to find corner cases and stuff all the time so it 
seems there's a load of issues. Perhaps, but they touch very few of our users 
and if they touch them, they can often find a solution with a quick search in 
our forums or github as you are all doing a *wonderful job* answering 
questions and helping people deal with issues.

We are making a _real difference_. Serious. I think you can safely assume 
that the handful of Reddit complainers probably didn't even TRY ownCloud, and 
at the very least are a tiny, tiny minority. Not saying "stop fixing issues" 
but after talking to many hundreds of grateful users, I'd like to share some 
of their thanks with you. Please know you are *loved* and appreciated far 
more than our github, IRC or mailing lists sometimes show!

If you wonder: what were the biggest issues they had? I have to disappoint 
you. I had no more than 4 or 5 people come to me and tell me they had some 
kind of problem. A few had problems with contact/calendar syncing, and 2 
experienced upgrade issues. And none of them were very negative: they just 
mentioned a bit of frustration between the praise. Serious. I had NOBODY come 
to me and say "ownCloud sucks" or anything remotely like that. NOBODY. 

So yes.

*Lots of LOVE* from a massive number of users. To all of you. Bask in it!

If you are more of a graphical person:

   oo     OOOOOOOO:       OOOOOOOO!       
      oOOOO!!!!;;;;O    OO.......:;!O     
     'OOO!!!;;;;;;;;O  O.......:   ;!O    
     OOO!!!!;;::::::.OO........:    ;!O   
     OO!!!!;;:::::..............:   ;!O   
     OOO!!!;::::::..............:   ;!O   
      OO!!;;::::::.............:   ;!O    
              !!;:::::.......O   oo       
                ;;::::.....O        oo  ,o
                   :::..O              ooo
                     ::.              oooo

             --\ _----_ /--      
            |:::"      ":::|
      /-- \  \-:    O    -/  /---\
     |:     \  |  /-o-\  | /     :|
       \:     \ \|     |//    : /
         \:     \-\-U-/-/:: : /    
           \:: /         \;:/         
             /              \      
             |:               |
          /---\:           /---\   
         /---\  \:       /:  /--\   
       /      \  |:;..   |:/      \  
      /        |/ \----/\ |        \  
      |       /           \        |   
        \ ___/              \ ___ /   

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