[owncloud-devel] apps visibility

Christian Reiner foss at christian-reiner.info
Sun Mar 29 13:56:08 GMT 2015

Hey Jos, 
thanks for the reply! Finally some light comes into this...

However there are some questions left on my side. Maybe you or someone else 
can add a few more details here... 
It is not that I am not willing to show patience if required. It is just that 
a little transparency would do good here in my eyes. 

> > > but I still have no clue why my apps are not offered for installation
> > > from the app store...
> > 
> > at least the "Imprint" App of you is offered here in my installation for
> > installation.
> > 
> > But thats the only "non-owncloud" app offered, seems no other 3rdparty app
> > is listened here.
> This is because our 'process' for getting stuff in the app store is as
> broken as it gets. It requires 'somebody' to review and apps and do some
> actions to get them in - but that 'somebody' is really 'nobody' at the
> moment. We discussed this at the hackathon last week in Nue and we have a
> plan to fix this for 8.1.

Do I get that right, that the conditions for publishing an app were changed? I 
completely missed any announcement of that... 
Also I fail to see any problem with getting an app in there - you just have to 
register any upload. But maybe you are referring to some other step?
Since apparently the "approved" tag (so the former "approvers" group) is not 
what is used for approving an app any more but something else. I wonder what 
considerations and requirements come into play here. So I am looking forward 
to the documentation you announced...

> Sorry, it is frustrating to see our new, good looking App store so empty :(

There is a new app store? Sorry, don't get this wrong, but apps.owncloud.com 
certainly is not new, apart from a few details it was extended with. 
So I assume something new is in the making and will be exposed over the coming 

Christian Reiner (arkascha)

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