[owncloud-devel] Upload broken, no errors in logs

Krutzbeuazen krutzbeuazen at gmx.net
Fri May 1 23:43:26 GMT 2015

Dear devs and list,

I run OwnCloud 8.02 with SQLite on Debian Wheezy. Since some weeks I
can't upload files any more. The upload freezes after the first file.
When I cancel it, the first file is correctly uploaded. But even as
admin, it is not possible to upload more than the first file in a batch.

Besides that, the calendar sync is not working any more neither.

Creating folders still works. The filesystem is not full. Dropping
additional files into the filesystem and scanning via './occ files:scan
--all' does not show the new files in the gui (but you can still see the
new photos when clicking 'next'). A reboot didn't change anything. I ran
the permission-setting script (but the perms looked fine to me before).

I checked all logs I could think of:
- dmesg
- owncloud admin log / owncloud.log
- apache log
- php.log (set up as suggested) stays empty

None show any new entries when an upload fails.

(To my dismay I can't restore the db dumps I regularly created, all new
dumps are 0 sized. I have the dumps and the whole owncloud folder as

Is there any other log or place where I could at least find an error?

Thank you in advance,


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