[owncloud-devel] Make app only visible to admins

Christopher Kreitz christopher.kreitz at macrocom.de
Tue May 5 12:25:52 GMT 2015

Thanks a lot.

I modified my app.php to only load the menu-entry, if the logged in User
member of the admin group.

> ...
> if(OC_Group::inGroup(OC_User::getUser(), 'admin')){
>        \OCP\App::addNavigationEntry([
> ...

It is not exactly, what i prefered, but it works.



Am 05.05.2015 um 13:46 schrieb Bernhard Posselt:
> ou can ofc also limit all requests to admins and only
> create the navigation entry if the user is an admin. Just add an if
> around the section where you add the navigation menu. For further

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