[owncloud-devel] WebDAV friendly modern documentation

Alessandro Cosentino cosenal at gmail.com
Wed May 6 16:54:04 GMT 2015

Hi folks,

When talking with other developers about programmatically using
ownCloud file storage, I always have troubles pointing them to a good
reference for the WebDAV API. The only documentation pages I could
find are:

- the wikipedia page
- the official RFC
- http://webdav.org/
- some MSDN page I don't even bother to link to.

All of them have the effect to scary them away, as they are either
very ancient-looking or not navigation-friendly.

Maybe I overlooked it, but I couldn't find anything among the ownCloud
documentation page. For my own reference, I had to create a document
about all the things I learned about WebDAV and I usually refer to it.

Just to be clear, I am looking for something like this:
You know, nice explanations, lots of examples, easy to navigate, nice
colors and pictures (why not!), no '90s <frame>s :)

Let me know if you know of some good WebDAV API reference, or the
reason (if any) why that shouldn't exist.

(cc'ing Evert: I couldn't find anything in the sabre.io documentation
either. Again, maybe I overlooked it).


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