[owncloud-devel] Feedback and recommendations on my first app, example unit test for my pagecontroller

Mundt, Marcus marcus.mundt at campus.tu-berlin.de
Fri Nov 13 07:14:48 GMT 2015

Dear fellow ownCloud developers,

I'd like to get some feedback on my app and get my app to a point where
it might be tested by others or even users. But there is still a lot to
do, like doing some checks on the POST/GET-variables used in
listBackups() and recover() in the pagecontroller. Further the code
could be cleaner, with less comments and stuff. Sorry for that. At first
I'd highly appreciate experienced app developers to look through my
code, especially app.js, filelistjs and my pagecontroller.php.

I hope to get some feedback in general and in terms of security plus how
future-proof my app is. I remember testing the app in OC 8.2 and it
failed miserably due to not being able to generate a filelist. I still
need to figure out the root of this problem and switched back to 8.1
alpha which works for my app. I wanted too move on and bring other parts
of the app forward, so I had to postpone the adaptions for 8.2. The app
is kind of based on the files/files_trashbin apps. So if you got
experience with these apps, even better.

Further I'm new to (unit) testing and testing JS with Karma + Jasmine. I
thought this is something every app should include. I kind of get Karma
and Jasmine, since there are also quite fitting examples in the
trashbin-App. But I'm asking myself if I can test my app with phpunit at
all, since it depends on a webservice to generate the filelist from an
external source and recover files there. An example test for my pagecontroller would be awesome.

You find the app and the according webservice on github:

Thanks a lot for your time and help! Looking forward to your annotations.


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