[owncloud-devel] Update available via admin interface

jimknopf at gmx.org jimknopf at gmx.org
Mon Nov 16 22:16:50 GMT 2015

Hi Chris,

>> It is also contradictory to https://owncloud.org/release-channels/, where
>> it says about the "stable" release channel that it "delivers the latest
>> feature releases ready for home users at minimal risk".
> Which is not contradictory. oC 8.2 is a major release not "ready for home
> users at minimal risk“.

So please explain, in which release channel does 8.2 belong exactly? I would guess that you are missing a release channel for your classification, that you are releasing software in a version that you are not able to classify according to your own scheme.

This all is - and I repeat my self - neither clear nor helpful. Your kind of answer only confirms my suspicion that it is all at random with no clear intention or bound to any rule, be it your own or others.


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