[owncloud-devel] Fwd: Changing the file sharing configuration options via API

Arkadiusz Kaliwoda arkadiusz.kaliwoda at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 09:26:12 GMT 2015

[I sent this to user at owncloud.org which i guess is not the best practice.
So sending to devel list]


I am using Share Files 0.6.3 in my ownCloud installation. I would like to
read/modify the global sharing configuration settings that are in the admin
page via API. In order to control options like "Allow users to send mail
notification for shared files" or "Allow users to send mail notification
for shared files to other users"

I have checked the share API documentation (
and unless i am missing something obvious, I could not find an API to
control the general sharing settings...

My goal is to configure ownCloud automically with "some settings". Most of
the default settings are configured via user.config.php, themes, mount.json
etc. However i am clueless on how to control the admin sharing settings.

I hope that someone on this list knows and can give me a hint

Much appreciated
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