[owncloud-devel] Fwd: Changing the file sharing configuration options via API

Arkadiusz Kaliwoda arkadiusz.kaliwoda at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 10:37:41 GMT 2015

Hi Vincent,

Thank you very much for support!

Unfortunately ./occ does not show the config:app:set option. Please see
below the output. Is it something that i need to enable or maybe have oc in
maintenance mode?

The 2nd question is if there exists "walk" api command so i can see what
are the API attribute available to be configured per app.

Thanks a lot

 app:check-code                  check code to be compliant
 app:disable                     disable an app
 app:enable                      enable an app
 app:list                        List all available apps
 background:ajax                 Use ajax to run background jobs
 background:cron                 Use cron to run background jobs
 background:webcron              Use webcron to run background jobs
 db:convert-type                 Convert the ownCloud database to the newly
configured one
 db:generate-change-script       generates the change script from the
current connected db to db_structure.xml
 encryption:disable              Disable encryption
 encryption:enable               Enable encryption
 encryption:list-modules         List all available encryption modules
 encryption:set-default-module   Set the encryption default module
 encryption:status               Lists the current status of encryption
 files:cleanup                   cleanup filecache
 files:scan                      rescan filesystem
 l10n:createjs                   Create javascript translation files for a
given app
 maintenance:mode                set maintenance mode
 maintenance:repair              repair this installation
 maintenance:singleuser          set single user mode
 user:add                        adds a user
 user:delete                     deletes the specified user
 user:lastseen                   shows when the user was logged it last time
 user:report                     shows how many users have access
 user:resetpassword              Resets the password of the named user

On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 10:27 AM, Vincent Petry <pvince81 at owncloud.com>

> Hi,
> Those settings are stored in the "oc_appconfig" table with the app id
> "core".
> So you might be able to modify these values by using the following:
> \OC::$server->getAppConfig()->setValue('core',
> 'shareapi_allow_mail_notification', 'yes');
> Or if you want to do this from the command line:
> "occ config:app:set core shareapi_allow_mail_notification --value="no""
> Cheers,
> Vincent
> On 19.11.2015 10:26, Arkadiusz Kaliwoda wrote:
> [I sent this to user at owncloud.org which i guess is not the best practice.
> So sending to devel list]
> Hello,
> I am using Share Files 0.6.3 in my ownCloud installation. I would like to
> read/modify the global sharing configuration settings that are in the admin
> page via API. In order to control options like "Allow users to send mail
> notification for shared files" or "Allow users to send mail notification
> for shared files to other users"
> I have checked the share API documentation (https://doc.owncloud.org/server/6.0/developer_manual/core/ocs-share-api.html)
> and unless i am missing something obvious, I could not find an API to
> control the general sharing settings...
> My goal is to configure ownCloud automically with "some settings". Most of
> the default settings are configured via user.config.php, themes, mount.json
> etc. However i am clueless on how to control the admin sharing settings.
> I hope that someone on this list knows and can give me a hint
> Much appreciated
> Thanks
> Kali
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