[owncloud-devel] Behavioural change in app unit tests

Robin McCorkell rmccorkell at owncloud.com
Thu Sep 3 08:15:48 GMT 2015

All app developers, please note that due to recent security enhancements 
in ownCloud 8.2 regarding restrictions on the autoloader, there is an 
additional step you must ensure to keep your PHPUnit app unit tests 
working. The autoloader now restricts the directories it will load files 
from, and by default excludes the /tests directory, so you may see 
errors like 'Path not allowed: .../tests/lib/testcase.php' when trying 
to run your unit tests.

There are two solutions to this, the recommended way is to use 
ownCloud's test bootstrap (tests/bootstrap.php), which correctly 
initializes the autoloader and sets up other useful variables besides. 
Alternatively, if you use your own bootstrap, simply call

     \OC::$loader->addValidRoot(\OC::$SERVERROOT . '/tests');

before using any test classes.

The documentation at 
has been updated with the first method, and an issue is open to 
implement support in ocdev: https://github.com/owncloud/ocdev/issues/38

Happy testing!

Robin McCorkell

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