[owncloud-devel] Integration into CMS (esp. Drupal)

Frank Karlitschek frank at owncloud.org
Tue Sep 8 12:15:14 GMT 2015

Very interesting.
I can’t give you detailed advice how to architecture this without diving deeper into this projects. But I few thought.

- This integration should be developed as an ownCloud app so that it i properly capsulated without patching the ownCloud core
- Could be done in github in the ownCloud organization if this this is useful for more people. Can’t say at the moment.
- The hooks should work. Please check the ownCloud developer documentation for more information.

Let me know if you have more questions :-)


> On Sep 8, 2015, at 01:48, Jürgen Haas <jurgenhaas at paragon-es.de> wrote:
> Hi all,
> we are a Drupal agency and one of our clients tasked us with the
> integration work between the Drupal CMS and ownCloud. As we are long
> time users of ownCloud but new to ownCloud development we're looking for
> some advise.
> What we've thought so far:
> - Drupal and ownCloud will be hosted on the same host
> - The host can be configured so that both have access to the files
> - We would like to implement hooks to notify the other platform
>  - about new files
>  - about deleted files
>  - about changed files
> - Those hooks should be working bi-directional
> Now, our question is if this is a good approach and if so how to get
> started on the ownCloud front.
> Of course, this development should be open source and will then be
> available to both communities and may also be a blue print for other CMS
> to do similar integration.
> What's your thought?
> Thanks
> Jürgen
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