[owncloud-devel] Help out in releasing a new contacts app version

Thomas Müller thomas.mueller at tmit.eu
Wed Sep 9 09:25:53 GMT 2015

Thanks, Malte. This is a pretty good summary of the current situation.

Once we have the DAV Backend in place any calwndar, contact and task app can access it via webdav.

It might me neccessary to extend the basic functionality but we will see this AS we walk the path.



Am 9. September 2015 10:40:11 MESZ, schrieb malte at wk3.org:
>Quoting Gerald Vogt (2015-09-09 09:36:57)
>> By now, the whole situation gets confusing and annoying as there are 
>> repeated new issues posted for which there are PRs already and also
>> have to keep track who has added which PR manually...
>there was a discussion regarding this at the ownCloud Contributor
>Conference. Everyone agress that the situation is super unfortunate.
>maintainers of the original contacts and calendar app (raghunayyar and
>georgehrke) have very limited time resources, but committed to a
>2 years ago anyway. In the meantime libasys made tremendous progress
>with the plus apps. Georg and Raghu say, they need till spring next
>to finish their rewrite. But in the end both apps – original and plus –
>need major parts rewritten as DeepDiver1975 is in the process of
>a DAV layer that handles all the DAV (storing and communicating) that
>needed for groupware functionality (if you only use DAV client
>this would suffice) which would mean that the calendar and contacts
>would be reduced to the interface functionality alone.
>Where does that leave us?
>No one really knows. But it will definetely take a couple of months to
>figure it all out.
>PS: The DAV app in its early stage:
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