[owncloud-devel] Integration into CMS (esp. Drupal)

Frank de Lange owncloud-f at unternet.org
Wed Sep 9 11:57:05 GMT 2015

Jürgen Haas wrote:
> Thanks Frank, I'll have a look and report back when I have some results
> or more questions.
> Jürgen

Interesting - I'm planning to do something similar between Owncloud and
the-platform-formerly-known-as-Trovebox aka OpenPhoto

Having ported Trovebox to PostgreSQL, the next step in line is some type
of integration between it and Owncloud. While it is theoretically
possible to implement Owncloud as a backend storage in Trovebox (which
already supports AWS and Dropbox in this role) this ends up performing
less than adequate due to Owncloud's rather high latency when the share
API is involved. Integration would also allow image manipulation from
within Owncloud.


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