[owncloud-devel] Integration into CMS (esp. Drupal)

Frank de Lange owncloud-f at unternet.org
Wed Sep 9 13:33:19 GMT 2015

interfaSys sàrl wrote:
> Most of the features of OpenPhoto will be integrated in Gallery over the
> next couple of years, so you may end up with a duplicate in 2017, but
> still great if you need something next year :)
> If the core share API is too slow, you could try the Gallery API:
> https://github.com/owncloud/gallery/issues/5

Gallery... does need a lot of TLC. This is actually one of the reasons
why I plan to integrate OC and Openphoto, even though it theoretically
would be possible to use Gallery (or Gallery+) for the same purpose.
Thus far my experience with both apps has been disappointing - opening
the app shows a spinning cursor while the oompaloompas in the server go
searching in all directions for anything resembling an image. I usually
give up before they do... Next time around they seem to have forgotten
everything and go searching for it again. While OpenPhoto is not a speed
daemon, it runs circles around Gallery(+).

Where OpenPhoto is lacking IMnsHO is, amongst others:

 - photo editing is more or less absent
 - tagging interface is primitive
 - no usable 'media' (video, audio, etc) support

Are these features planned for one of the Galleries?


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