[owncloud-devel] Integration into CMS (esp. Drupal)

interfaSys sàrl info at interfasys.ch
Wed Sep 9 14:05:18 GMT 2015

When I'm referring to Gallery, that's the one for 8.2, based on Gallery+.
It doesn't scan the whole server for pictures, but if you've just
uploaded hundreds of images to the folder you're opening in Gallery,
then yes, it's going to take some time to get all the thumbnails as they
need to be generated first. That's a core/server issue which still needs

You can check out the demo of an older release of Gallery+, running on
8.0, using local content:

I wouldn't call it slow to show images, even the ones weighing tens of
megabytes (Raw) and that includes scanning the folder for new images.

If the spinning cursor doesn't go away when using it on your setup, I
invite you to check the browser and owncloud.log to see which file or
folder is triggering the issue, so that you can report it here:

There will be a new release of Gallery+ for 8.1 real soon if you want to
wait for the latest batch of bug fixes :).

Regarding your feature requests:
- It has been decided that photo editing should not be part of an app,
but should be a separate app (just a layer which loads the image and
saves it back when done)
- Tagging will be implemented as soon as core supports it in the right
sidebar (9.0+)
- video support is planned, but it will be basic at first (HTML5
player). I'd like to add a transcoding engine to make it more useful.

You can find other feature request here:

And if you're a developer, maybe you'd like to implement some of them
:). It seems OpenPhoto is not maintained any more, so maybe some of its
features could be ported over.



> Gallery... does need a lot of TLC. This is actually one of the reasons
> why I plan to integrate OC and Openphoto, even though it theoretically
> would be possible to use Gallery (or Gallery+) for the same purpose.
> Thus far my experience with both apps has been disappointing - opening
> the app shows a spinning cursor while the oompaloompas in the server go
> searching in all directions for anything resembling an image. I usually
> give up before they do... Next time around they seem to have forgotten
> everything and go searching for it again. While OpenPhoto is not a speed
> daemon, it runs circles around Gallery(+).
> Where OpenPhoto is lacking IMnsHO is, amongst others:
>  - photo editing is more or less absent
>  - tagging interface is primitive
>  - no usable 'media' (video, audio, etc) support
> Are these features planned for one of the Galleries?
> Gr//Fr 

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