[owncloud-devel] Integration into CMS (esp. Drupal)

Frank de Lange owncloud-f at unternet.org
Wed Sep 9 15:11:53 GMT 2015

interfaSys sàrl wrote:
> When I'm referring to Gallery, that's the one for 8.2, based on Gallery+.
> It doesn't scan the whole server for pictures, but if you've just
> uploaded hundreds of images to the folder you're opening in Gallery,
> then yes, it's going to take some time to get all the thumbnails as they
> need to be generated first. That's a core/server issue which still needs
> fixing.
> You can check out the demo of an older release of Gallery+, running on
> 8.0, using local content:
> https://oc8demo.interfacloud.com/index.php/apps/galleryplus/s/4jjwPv5E21l8Lnk

$ host oc8demo.interfacloud.com
Host oc8demo.interfacloud.com not found: 2(SERVFAIL)


I have 8.2 running so I'll give it another shot here.

> Regarding your feature requests:
> - It has been decided that photo editing should not be part of an app,
> but should be a separate app (just a layer which loads the image and
> saves it back when done)

Sounds like a good plan...

> - Tagging will be implemented as soon as core supports it in the right
> sidebar (9.0+)

OK. Hierarchical tags? With drag/drop on individual images or selected
groups? Something akin to the way f-spot handles (or 'used to handle' as
there won't be that many users left) tagging.

> - video support is planned, but it will be basic at first (HTML5
> player). I'd like to add a transcoding engine to make it more useful.

Yes, that is a given. MediaGoblin handles it OK, OpenPhoto used to have
an experimental implementation which offloaded transcoding to external
services (Amazon Elastic Transcoder). While it can be worthwhile to have
this as an option, I prefer to keep this type of service in-house.

> You can find other feature request here:
> https://github.com/owncloud/gallery/labels/enhancement
> And if you're a developer, maybe you'd like to implement some of them
> :). It seems OpenPhoto is not maintained any more, so maybe some of its
> features could be ported over.

I'll have a look at it. If Gallery+ manages to convince me where it used
to let me down, I might go that way instead. If not, expect some
competition :-)


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