[owncloud-devel] Help out in releasing a new contacts app version

Gerald Vogt vogt at spamcop.net
Thu Sep 10 05:43:06 GMT 2015


Thanks a lot! I was loosing hope... ;-)

I have added some explanation to #1005 on how to test it. I hope that 
helps to understand it and verify it's working.

I also created a new PR to fix the validate function which destroyed 
those perfectly fine 4.0 PHOTO uris and at the same time "downgraded" 
4.0 cards to 3.0.

This caused problems with 4.0 clients uploading photos and possibly more.

For what it's worth: I have all my PRs integrated on my owncloud 
instance and have no problems with them though I must admit I don't 
really have a big diversity of clients to test with...

Thanks again and lets hope that soon we'll be able to close a whole 
bunch of those open issues on github...


On 09/09/15 16:44, Tobia De Koninck wrote:
> Hey
> @gvde and others I just tested and merged some PR's. But only the one
> which I can test. I also merged your backports and tested on my 8.1
> installation.
> Please give the contacts app a good test again to see if there are no
> regressions. Please re-test you PR's again but now with merged inside
> the master branch :)
> Then you can ask Lukas Reschke (https://github.com/LukasReschke) (maybe
> best on IRC)  to publish the app to the appstore.
> Thanks for your patches.
> P.s. I also changed the settings of travis. For some reason the "build
> pushes" were disabled. I re-enabled them, I hope this is okay.
> Cheers

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