[owncloud-devel] Adding Events in Owncloud Calendar from a Java program

Romuald Thirache macprovence at yahoo.fr
Wed Sep 23 10:28:42 GMT 2015

Hi guies,

I would need some help from developpers.
I am actually developping a Java application and i have an OwnCloud server
8.1.3 with Calendar.
The server works fine and i can synchronize calendar events with iPhone
I do need to be able from the Java Application to insert some events inside
the Calendar.
I am using NetBeans, Java 1.8 and devolopping under linux.

I had a look on the net and finally decided to use the Sardine java
libraries with httpClient.

Unfortunately it never worked and i get stuck with sardine.list() getting :

Unexpected response (401 unauthorized)

I spent days trying to find a solution but no chance.

Did anyone on that Forum already tried to insert events in the Owncloud
calendar from a Java application ?

I would be very grateful to get feedbacks.

Thx a lot




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