[owncloud-devel] Hook for sharing permission changes?

Roeland Douma rullzer at owncloud.com
Fri Apr 1 14:39:22 GMT 2016

Cool stuff!
You shouldn't listen to filesystem hooks. But to sharing hooks ;)

There is 'OCP\Share' -- 'pre_shared', 'post_shared', 'pre_unshare' and 'post_unshare'.

Happy hacking!

 From:   Devin Ceartas <devin at nacredata.com> 
 To:   <devel at owncloud.org> 
 Sent:   31-3-2016 18:38 
 Subject:   [owncloud-devel] Hook for sharing permission changes? 

What is the proper hook (/lib/private/files/filesystem.php) to use for 
capturing the event when a file or folder is shared or unshared?

Context, if desired: I'm working on a modification to the search_lucene 
plugin which allows full-text searching across all searched files, not 
just the ones you own as is currently the case. See 
https://github.com/owncloud/search_lucene/issues/10 and 

contact info: https://nacredata.com/devin

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