[owncloud-devel] If you have no time to help out with the Pi project...

Daniel Ripoll info at danielripoll.es
Mon Apr 11 08:45:19 GMT 2016

Hi Jos,

First of all, I must say I'm so sorry for not answering till know.

As you have said, life changes... At the time I asked join the project I
was a happy unemployed who wanted to start a tech startup.

Then, a "plot twist" into my life started, beggining with me geting a new
(but FULL-FULL-time job) as a Developer on a well-known domain/hosting

I love my job, but a few time ago, my grand-mother (who I loved as a second
mother) die and I tried not to feel depressed but finally I was, stopping
all my personal projects and just focusing on the remunerated job.

Again, I'm sorry, It seems that after all, I am human.

As for de PiBox I understand that you could preffer to send It to a
contributor who actually can do something... I can do it, but... It's not
that "cheap".

Sending to Spain It could be ok, but sending out of Spain, it starts from
135 € aproxy, and for that price... The price is indeed superior to the
price  of the Pi + Drive.

If you want to cover it, no problem of course, but I think It's more
effective (and with lesser costs) If I pay you the PiDrive instead.

Well, whatever you wants I'll do and this time... answering in time ;)

2016-03-21 20:28 GMT+01:00 Jos Poortvliet <jospoortvliet at gmail.com>:

> Hi all,
> We send out quite a few Pi boxes last and this year for people to help
> develop
> and test. If one or more of you have no time to get involved - I
> understand,
> life changes and all that. It'd be great if you'd be willing to send your
> device to somebody else who might be able to make an impact on the project.
> If you're stuck and won't be able to help out, let me know. We'll cover the
> costs of sending the device to another contributor, of course!
> Thanks,
> Jos
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