[owncloud-devel] Openldap Owncloud 8 set user quota

Christian Rost rost at b1-systems.de
Tue Apr 19 12:28:43 GMT 2016


well I understand that your problem is, that owncloud does not fetch the
quota from your LDAP-Server.

Hope this is correct so far.

No, I meant that it may take up to 24 hours after configuring the quota
attribute in ownCloud you ownCloud Server will fetch the data from LDAP.

Ok -lets start over.
First of all you have to ensure, that the attribute you configured in
the advaced tab is also available in your openLDAP Server. You also have
to ensure, that every user has configured a value for this attribute.
(or the default quota will be used)

You can check this with the ldapsearch command or use an ldap-GUI-Browser.

After that you can modify the

if((time() - intval($lastChecked)) < 86400 ) {
	return false;

and change 86400 to 10 (just for testing)

Then let's see :)


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