[owncloud-devel] Openldap Owncloud 8 set user quota

Christian Rost rost at b1-systems.de
Tue Apr 19 13:30:44 GMT 2016

There should be the Quota Attribute - but this is missing.

You have to extend your LDAP Server and assign a quota to a user. The
Output with a 2GB Quota and a new Attribute named oc_quota should look
like this.

> dn: cn=admin,dc=powerm,dc=com
> objectClass: simpleSecurityObject
> objectClass: organizationalRole
> cn: admin
> oc_quota: 2 GB
> description: LDAP administrator
> userPassword:: e1NTSEF9enRqbmN4L3p0eWROcE9wODNsMm5yOElUMzNxSUhHREo=

after you extend your LDAP the quota should be in your owncloud :)



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