[owncloud-devel] Adding calendar events via external PHP script

Kontakt shop2016 at innobiz.de
Sat Apr 30 20:45:08 GMT 2016


on the server I use for OC I also have a web page running for a small
community. For the community I have written several services in PHP.
Some generate appointments. It would be really cool if these
appointments could be written into OC so that people have them in their
calendar. Is there an API for the calendar I could use to put the
appointments into OC with an external PHP script?

So far I got this hint:
"the best thing what you can do is to execute plain CalDAV calls to the
http://example.com/remote.php/caldav endpoint. Thats the only "API" what
is used / provided by ownCloud."

But I am not sure what is meant by plain CalDAV calls. I am looking for
a php file that I can include in my script, which would give me a
function like createNewAppointment(startDate, endDate, summary,
description). Does this function exist?

My second approach would be to write the appointments directly into my
MySQL database. I assume that the appointments are just an entry in
*_clndr_objects but I do not get what the uri column is and how to
create that uri. Do I need also an ics file for each entry? If so where
do I have to put it?

Finding the right calendar is no problem because the login names are


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