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Michel Memeteau - EKIMIA mm at ekimia.fr
Tue Aug 23 15:46:36 GMT 2016

Hi all

2015-12-13 19:46 GMT+01:00 Klaas Freitag <freitag at owncloud.com>:

> The royal solution for me however would be if 3rdparty vendors like us
> could better work with the distro package managers. So that it would be a
> more natural process to register repos like ours via the distros package
> managers. Something like an "enable the ownCloud Software Repository"
> checkbox in the package managers gui, and, voila, the packages come from
> our repos.
> But that will probably remain an entry on the Christmas wishlist forever
> :-/

As we have to guide several clients to install the owncloud client on their
linux mahcine I'd like to continue this discussion.

I think we could keep the same greatness of the repos with the easiness of
few clicks to enable the Repos and install without ever the need to open a

Terminal is powerful for all of us but my grand ma should be able to
install owncloud client on linux like she could on mac or windows.

it might sound ugly to some of you but here is how I see it :

- First handle only for now debian/ubuntu case by providing a
owncloud-latest-repo-installer.deb as the main linux download ( and
obviously a link to current page for other distro )

- This deb contains a post-install task that update apt sources according
to current distro and installs the latest owncloud.

I know it's dirty because you still have 2 packages installes in the system.

But I still don't see how to do a point and click to install on several
version of distro.

+ Obviously an easier way is to let the user tell if he is on Ubuntu 14.04
or 16.04 as it's still not in the user agent , but at least we know it's
Ubuntu 64 bits.

+ a third solution is the tar.gz containing a simple script that does all
this. the user just have to

- right click - extract here

- double click - choose to run instaed of edit.

But all the desktop don't behave the same way about this.


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