[owncloud-devel] [Idea] Easier linux client install

Michel Memeteau - EKIMIA mm at ekimia.fr
Tue Aug 23 16:09:42 GMT 2016

2016-08-23 18:02 GMT+02:00 Stephen Partington <cryptworks at gmail.com>:

> e actual initial download was an RPM or DEB and then that contained a
> script to enable a repo based on specific platform and then kicked of the
> final install.

Yes it's what I said when I started the topic last december :-)

But it's easier for them I guess as they goes in /opt and their binaries
are the same for all deb-based distro.

I really wish that we found a solution for this because this is one of the
root of the very slow adoption of Linux on the desktop.

Maybe SNAP is a solution but for now it's only available preinstalled on
too few computers.


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