[owncloud-devel] Login through an existing webpage. Drupal.

George Langham georgelangham1990 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 12:55:01 GMT 2016

Environment: Linux Apache Nginx PHP stack

Server: Shared Linux Hosting with Cpanel and WHM

Database: MySQL

Client: WebClient
OC-Version: 8.2.2

PHP-Version: 5.6.0


My client is wondering if it is at all possible to have it so that ownCloud
can be logged in through an existing page rather than through the ownCloud
 login page, like is seen in this mockup


The reasoning is that they'd like to reduce the steps the user has to go
through to access the ownCloud installation, but still want to keep this
landing page that describes how to use the ownCloud (which they have called
Client Zone) to the users which aren't tech savvy at all.

Is this possible at all? How would I go about this?


George William Langham
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