[owncloud-devel] [owncloud-user] ownCloud 2.1.1 RC1 released

W Evans wfevans14 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 8 23:55:39 GMT 2016

On 2/8/2016 3:35 PM, George Langham wrote:
> Hello.
> My client is wondering whether it is possible to let a user login to 
> ownCloud through a sidebar of an existing Drupal site.
> Is there some sort of method for doing so?
> Kind Regards,
> George W Langham

Hello George,

This is still coming across as a reply in an inappropriate thread, but 
now *as a reply to your first out-of-place email*. Please do not use the 
"Reply" key, it does many things in the background that are specifically 
what you need not to happen.

Just start a new email by manually copying the email address into a 
completely "new email", provide a relevant subject (so that people who 
have interest in it can follow it easily), and ask again there.

Otherwise, your out-of-context emails will at best annoy the people who 
are in a position to best answer your question, and possibly (depending 
on the preferences of the list admins) result in you being temporarily 
bumped from the list. (I have neither the authority nor the inclination 
to do so if I had the power, but some mailing lists can be rather harsh. 
I do not speak for the admins.)

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