[owncloud-devel] Create file upload restrictions for users through owncloud server

Syed Alam Abbas Imtiyaz syedalamabbas at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 21:43:59 GMT 2016

ownCloud version: 8.2.2
Webserver: apache2
Database: MySQL
OS: Linux
PHP version: 5.6.x

Hello Everyone,

I tried posting this on the owncloud support forums, but @RealRancor
advised me to use this list. You can see my question on the forums

I am still learning about owncloud and its amazing apps capability, so
please elaborate your answers if you can. I have a simple requirement. Lets
say I start a owncloud webserver on a machine. I ask users to upload their
pictures and videos on lets say swim club trips. I want to be able to build
an app with a functionality that restricts the users with two folders
images and videos to file size limits 100 MB and 500 MB respectively. Or
there a better way without using app framework ? I know there is a way to
set the global owncloud upload limit, I also know that there is a place
where user skeleton or default files can be created.

I am not looking for a spoon-fed answer, just general directions where I
can go and look, so I am able to achieve the said functionality of
different upload restrictions for different directories at the user/ client

Let me know your thoughts about this.

I am reading this documentation, and understanding it, but can you sketch
roughly how would you / or any one with knowledge of owncloud and apps
would go about building such an application. Just some starting pointers
please, since I don't have much prior experience with web development.

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