[owncloud-devel] picking a base image for the pi drive

Jos Poortvliet jos at owncloud.com
Thu Feb 25 15:51:14 GMT 2016


Everybody who works or worked on the pi drive project - how are things? It is really time to pick a base image, that is, Arch, Debian, openWRT, Snappy or another and converge on that.

https://github.com/owncloud/pi-image/issues/17 has a list of requirements. Looking at activity in github, I guess Ubuntu Snappy has been most busy so that looks like the best direction, but perhaps there's more I didn't see.

Question then is - can we get the apps and tools developed integrated in that image? We are nearing March, that is when ownCloud 9.0 comes out - and we'd like to ship the first 500 devices in the same month ;-)

I know I have a few more devices to send out, they're in the office in Berlin and I'm in Brazil right now until March 8 so that's a bit of an issue, sorry for that.

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