[owncloud-devel] Update-procedure: Is maintenance mode kept by default?

Devin Ceartas devin at nacredata.com
Sat Feb 27 23:08:24 GMT 2016

I was confused by that maintenance mode bit as well, for what it's worth.

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> On Feb 27, 2016, at 18:03, tflidd <tflidd at aspekte.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm wondering if this is a wanted behavior of owncloud for
> debian-updates. What I have to do:
> 1) apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
> 2) I get a warning that I need to run the occ command
> 3) I run the occ upgrade
> Set log level to debug
> Checking whether the database schema can be updated (this can take a
> long time depending on the database size)
> Checked database schema update
> Checking updates of apps
> Checked database schema update for apps
> Updating database schema
> Updated database
> Updating <gallery> ...
> Updated <gallery> to 14.5.0
> Starting code integrity check...
> Finished code integrity check
> Update successful
> Maintenance mode is kept active
> Reset log level
> Question 1: Running the occ-command is kind of obligatory, can't this be
> done by default or by request?
> Question 2: Is the maintenance mode kept active on purpose?
> If the update wasn't successful I would understand that. In this case,
> you always have to disable the maintenance mode manually (and lookup the
> command in the documentation). Or is it possible to ask the user if the
> maintenance-mode should be turned off?
> The speed of the user interface with PHP7 is impressive.
> Cheers,
> tflidd
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