[owncloud-devel] Contribute to ownCloud under GSOC 2016

Prastut Kumar kr.prastut at gmail.com
Mon Feb 29 21:56:39 GMT 2016

Hi ownCloud team and community,

I am Prastut Kumar, a CS sophomore at Vellore Institute of Technology,
Chennai India. A big fan of Don Norman's work in cognitive science, my
major interests lie at the intersection of Design and Technology (Society,
Internet- Security, Privacy). My belief and research experiences have
helped me fuel interest in design and development of interactive Internet
based digital platforms. Contributing to ownCloud motivates me for 2 strong

   - *The vision: *ownCloud goes way beyond transitional projects and gives
   a tough competition to Google Drive or Dropbox. That's a lot to say in one
   statement. The privilege to allow anyone to install and operate it on a
   private server with *no *limits to storage space is a noteworthy notion
   but to actually achieve it is another thing. There are still millions of
   people not connected to the Internet. A report by IAMAI said that Indian
   Internet users rose to 402 million by December 2015, an increase by 49 per
   cent compared to last year. This meteoric rise in Internet user base, which
   will mostly be people with less incomes (mid-urban, rural areas), will
   bring in more leading and pressing questions on data storage, privacy and

   - *Focus on design > user centered design: * When I first visited
   ownCloud's website, I was amazed at the website presentation of content,
   and by far the most eye-candy website for an open source project. This is
   what I wanted to do when I initially made my mind to apply to GSOC, to fix
   the website of the project. :D. I then went through the project ideas and
   felt much emphasis is being put on user-experience and interaction design,
   something which I intend to pursue in future.

I wish to work on the following projects, ranked in terms of interest:

   - *Reference Management App (similar to Zotero): *I am currently working
   as a crowdresearch in "Dameo", a project by Stanford HCI group and through
   their tasks had the opportunity to read through multiple papers. Though I
   haven't used Zotero, I understood the need of having this project. I
   have almost completed my Angular course from Coursera so it would be an
   amazing opportunity to apply that knowledge in practice. My Js experience
   stems from interning at 2 startups, and a self initiated project Cambuzz

   - *Browser extensions for ownCloud: *Before GSOC I was contributing to
   Privly <https://priv.ly/>, which gives you control over your content
   with various extensions. Therefore I can use the knowledge learnt and
   contribute in making the chrome extension for ownCloud.

I wish to also propose a project, though I am not too sure how would I be
able to implement it.

   - *Docs for ownCloud: *Similar to Google Docs
   <https://www.google.com/docs/about/>, if ownCloud provides this
   functionality it will lead to the following:
      - Trust and ownership of the content being put.
      - People are able to work at the same document at the same time.
      - Rest of the features being same: People can view documents, edit,
      share them all on there own private server.

Handy Links:

   - Github: https://github.com/prastut
   - Website: http://prastut.github.io/
   - Design portfolio: https://www.behance.net/prastutkumar

Thank you for your time and consideration. (Look for my PR's in a few days
time. :D)

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