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Mon Feb 29 22:05:44 GMT 2016

Well there is a fair amount of development surrounding Libreoffice being
built to run inside a web browser, that integrated with owncloud would be
pretty much what you are talking about.


On Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 2:56 PM, Prastut Kumar <kr.prastut at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi ownCloud team and community,
> I am Prastut Kumar, a CS sophomore at Vellore Institute of Technology,
> Chennai India. A big fan of Don Norman's work in cognitive science, my
> major interests lie at the intersection of Design and Technology (Society,
> Internet- Security, Privacy). My belief and research experiences have
> helped me fuel interest in design and development of interactive Internet
> based digital platforms. Contributing to ownCloud motivates me for 2
> strong reasons:
>    - *The vision: *ownCloud goes way beyond transitional projects and
>    gives a tough competition to Google Drive or Dropbox. That's a lot to say
>    in one statement. The privilege to allow anyone to install and operate it
>    on a private server with *no *limits to storage space is a noteworthy
>    notion but to actually achieve it is another thing. There are still
>    millions of people not connected to the Internet. A report by IAMAI said
>    that Indian Internet users rose to 402 million by December 2015, an
>    increase by 49 per cent compared to last year. This meteoric rise in
>    Internet user base, which will mostly be people with less incomes
>    (mid-urban, rural areas), will bring in more leading and pressing questions
>    on data storage, privacy and content.
>    - *Focus on design > user centered design: * When I first visited
>    ownCloud's website, I was amazed at the website presentation of content,
>    and by far the most eye-candy website for an open source project. This is
>    what I wanted to do when I initially made my mind to apply to GSOC, to fix
>    the website of the project. :D. I then went through the project ideas and
>    felt much emphasis is being put on user-experience and interaction design,
>    something which I intend to pursue in future.
> I wish to work on the following projects, ranked in terms of interest:
>    - *Reference Management App (similar to Zotero): *I am currently
>    working as a crowdresearch in "Dameo", a project by Stanford HCI group and
>    through their tasks had the opportunity to read through multiple papers.
>    Though I haven't used Zotero, I understood the need of having this project. I
>    have almost completed my Angular course from Coursera so it would be an
>    amazing opportunity to apply that knowledge in practice. My Js experience
>    stems from interning at 2 startups, and a self initiated project
>    Cambuzz <http://cambuzz.co.in/>.
>    - *Browser extensions for ownCloud: *Before GSOC I was contributing to
>    Privly <https://priv.ly/>, which gives you control over your content
>    with various extensions. Therefore I can use the knowledge learnt and
>    contribute in making the chrome extension for ownCloud.
> I wish to also propose a project, though I am not too sure how would I be
> able to implement it.
>    - *Docs for ownCloud: *Similar to Google Docs
>    <https://www.google.com/docs/about/>, if ownCloud provides this
>    functionality it will lead to the following:
>       - Trust and ownership of the content being put.
>       - People are able to work at the same document at the same time.
>       - Rest of the features being same: People can view documents, edit,
>       share them all on there own private server.
> Handy Links:
>    - Github: https://github.com/prastut
>    - Website: http://prastut.github.io/
>    - Design portfolio: https://www.behance.net/prastutkumar
> Thank you for your time and consideration. (Look for my PR's in a few days
> time. :D)
> Regards,
> Prastut
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