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Joas Schilling nickvergessen at owncloud.com
Mon Jan 4 11:08:36 GMT 2016


while that's sounds like a cool and normal idea, I'm sad to disappoint you.
ownCloud currently only supports changing template files.

Now what you could do, is change the template file, look whether the menu
entry is the one you are looking for and then change it there:




    <?phpif ($item['id'] !== 'sharingout') { p($item['name']);} else {
    p('Your own text goes here'); }?>


Am 24.12.2015 um 12:06 schrieb Gaaurav Bhasin:
> Dear All,
> Hello, I am new to owncloud and was trying my hands on a customized theme.
> Although I am able to change the theme to suit my needs but i am currently
> stuck with changing the menu.
> I need to change the menu name to something new. I get to know the file for
> it is :
> /var/www/html/owncloud/apps/files_sharing/appinfo/app.php
> in which i need to change the text for shared with others. I can do this
> directly in this file but i don't want to do that instead what I want is to
> do it in a theme which i have created. For this i created a same kind of
> directory structure in my theme module and copied the changed app.php file
> into it but it's not working.
> Can you anyone guide me for the correct procedure.
> I also apologize if this is not the correct way to get answers to my query.
> Thanks & Regards
> Gaaurav Bhasin
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