[owncloud-devel] User Provisioning API - throttle consecutive calls?

Roeland Douma rullzer at owncloud.com
Tue Jan 5 07:02:26 GMT 2016


The calls are synchronous. So you assumed correctly.

Do you check the response in your script? Something can of course go wrong. But
the API *should* tell you that.


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Hi All, 
I'm synchronizing a web portal system user base with OwnCloud 8.1.5.  To  
ease the initial deployment, I created scripts to migrate users from the  
portal system to OwnCloud - using the User Provisioning API to create  
the users, assign groups, etc., etc. 
As part of my testing, I'm creating 2 users.  I've noticed some  
inconsistency that sometimes one of the users does not get created in  
OwnCloud after my script runs.  Sometimes both users get created,  
sometimes user1 is missing, other times user2 is missing. 
It's not as if there's a delay in creating both users, a user just gets  
lost and there are no errors returned by any User API calls. 
Introducing a delay of a 4-5 seconds between consecutive User API calls  
'appears' to make things work better, but for 100's of users it will add  
a significant delay not only during the initial deployment, but also in  
the daily management of user changes in the source system. 
Is this an issue?  I made the (perhaps incorrect) assumption that the  
User API calls are synchronous... 
Thanks for any advice.  Happy New Year! 
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