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Tue Jan 5 17:56:34 GMT 2016

Hello everybody,

I would very much like to follow the advice given in http://blog.jospoortvliet.com/2015/12/five-reasons-to-upgrade-your-owncloud.html and cited in the blog on owncloud.org, since I agree with the author.

But - again, I am forced to say - the most recent version 8.2.2 is not available via admin interface, although it has been out since 2 weeks. Again - I am forced to say -, more than the „few days“ stated in the admin page have passed, and still nothing happened.

I am beginning to doubt that OC is ready for daily use in a productive environment, and be it for personal use only. Or at the very least, its developers and/or managers are not understanding the need to make this work as seamlessly as possible.

All my former arguments are still unrefuted, btw, especially the one regarding the contradiction of what the project says at https://owncloud.org/release-channels/ and how the responsible developers and/or managers act.


> Am 23.11.2015 um 12:49 schrieb Jos Poortvliet <jospoortvliet at gmail.com>:
> On Tuesday 17 November 2015 12:04:13 tflidd wrote:
>> Hi,
>> automated upgrades to a new Ubuntu LTS version are pushed with the first 
>> point-release of a new version. This could be a good idea for owncloud 
>> as well. After a new major release, the updater app just waits for the 
>> first point release (8.2.1, for next major upgrade 9.0.1). Then the new 
>> version has already been installed on a larger number of hosts. Most 
>> updater-app users don't have full access to the system and possible 
>> problems are much harder to identify and to fix.
>> A testing mode of the updater app would be a very nice feature. This 
>> way, users who really need new features  or who just want to test the 
>> upgrade process, can run an upgrade to the 8.2.0-version. Or is there 
>> currently any way to test the updater app?
> Not that I know off.
> See the http://owncloud.org/release-channels for what we tried to set up. The idea is:
> * Production: gets bugfixes a few days after they are out, gets new releases upon first bugfix release (eg 8.2.1) a few days after it is out.
> * Stable: gets bugfix releases and major releases a few days after they are out
> * Testing: gets testing packages (beta, RC)
> * daily: automatic daily snapshots
> Now that's the *theory*. I believe that making stuff available for Production and Stable isn't automated and it is something Frank or one of a few other core developers do when they feel things are stable enough to push them out. In general, that happens 3-7 days after a release. Sometimes they're not entirely sure and it takes longer, sometimes it happens not at all (if a serious bug is found, so you get the next bugfix release) and sometimes there's a perfect storm and due to stand of the moon, holiday and bad voodoo it takes a bit longer.
> I'll try and add some words about this to the release channels webpage.
> Cheers,
> Jos
>> Regards,
>> tflidd
>> On 2015-11-17 10:10, jimknopf at gmx.org wrote:
>>> Hi Chris,
>>> sorry for the misunderstanding, I did not intend to affront you
>>> personally, but from your first response I gathered that you know
>>> about the details of classifying a release.
>>> @all: I would like to raise the question of what use a release channel
>>> setup has if a new version can be released that does not seem to be
>>> fit for any of the channels? The channels choosen look quite alright
>>> to me - I can decide if you want to be ahead of the pack or be more on
>>> the safe side. That is how I read the channels:
>>> 	* Production: very well debugged (if not bugfree, alas) and
>>> established release; at the moment, I would expect 8.1.4
>>> 	* Stable: well tested, but with major changes; 8.2 at the moment
>>> 	* Beta: Something like 8.2.1, also RC, for add-on devs for example
>>> or maintainers of large installations to prepare for upcoming changes
>>> 	* Nightly: well, just that, nightly build, just for core developers
>>> Also, I would like to remind everyone of the first line on the release
>>> notes page (https://owncloud.org/changelog/)
>>> _We recommend you follow our Release Channels [1] to always have the
>>> latest ownCloud Server version which fits your needs._
>>> So as an admin, I am urged to use release channels, but OC does not
>>> deliver what meet the expectations raised by itself.
>>> To me it looks like there is a gap between outward communication and
>>> perception and the inner thinking about delivering updates; and if I
>>> may add, it seems at least possible that there is no common
>>> understanding in the developer community, as well.
>>> Regards
>>> Jim
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>>> BETREFF: Re: [owncloud-devel] Update available via admin interface
>>> Hi,
>>> why is everyone thinking that if someone is answering somewhere that
>>> he is
>>> instantly speaking for the project.
>>> I'm not speaking for the project oC, i'm not related to ownCloud inc.
>>> at
>>> all, i'm not a developer and i'm also not releasing anything ;-)
>>> The post above was just my personal thinking about that.
>>>> So please explain, in which release channel does 8.2 belong exactly?
>>> In none i would say. It probably will hit "stable" as soon as it is
>>> "ready
>>> for home users at minimal risk". I don't see a problem here...
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