[owncloud-devel] windows readonly attrib

W Evans wfevans14 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 6 21:42:19 GMT 2016

Originally asked by Noirvent and seconded by andast82 on 
(I'm seeing the symptom as well.) It was suggested by RealRancor to post 

Some files in the local owncloud directory are being tagged "Read Only" 
causing subsequent downloads to err with "Access is denied".

[Temp Remedy]
Remove the "Read Only" attrib on respective files, resync. ("andast82" 
reported that some files reverted back to "Read Only". I have not see 
this behavior yet.)

This is new (mis)behavior in owncloud-client-2.1.0 (build 5683), was not 
seen in 2.0.2. The "owncloud.log" on the server does not provide 
anything related to these failures.

For me, three computers, all win10_64 build 10586 running owncloud-2.2.1 
(build 5683) on two unique ubuntu-based owncloud-server-8.2.2 instances, 
up-to-date with no other errors seen.

I think this is misbehavior in the owncloud-client, not the server. I 
also think this is specific to owncloud, not any other desktop apps, 
since it is across many file types (e.g., docx and png). The server 
installations have some plugins (calendar, passwordpolicy) but nothing 
cosmic. The client installation/configs are straight-forward, all 
defaults used. All computers are up-to-date with OS and AV updates.

How better can I troubleshoot and/or provide useful information here?


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