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Vincent Petry pvince81 at owncloud.com
Thu Jan 7 09:34:45 GMT 2016


Please raise a bug report in the client's repository ?

Would be good to find out why the files are read-only in the first
place, are these from a read-only share ?



On 06.01.2016 22:42, W Evans wrote:
> Originally asked by Noirvent and seconded by andast82 on
> https://forum.owncloud.org/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=32152.
> (I'm seeing the symptom as well.) It was suggested by RealRancor to
> post here.
> [Symptom]
> Some files in the local owncloud directory are being tagged "Read
> Only" causing subsequent downloads to err with "Access is denied".
> [Temp Remedy]
> Remove the "Read Only" attrib on respective files, resync. ("andast82"
> reported that some files reverted back to "Read Only". I have not see
> this behavior yet.)
> This is new (mis)behavior in owncloud-client-2.1.0 (build 5683), was
> not seen in 2.0.2. The "owncloud.log" on the server does not provide
> anything related to these failures.
> For me, three computers, all win10_64 build 10586 running
> owncloud-2.2.1 (build 5683) on two unique ubuntu-based
> owncloud-server-8.2.2 instances, up-to-date with no other errors seen.
> I think this is misbehavior in the owncloud-client, not the server. I
> also think this is specific to owncloud, not any other desktop apps,
> since it is across many file types (e.g., docx and png). The server
> installations have some plugins (calendar, passwordpolicy) but nothing
> cosmic. The client installation/configs are straight-forward, all
> defaults used. All computers are up-to-date with OS and AV updates.
> How better can I troubleshoot and/or provide useful information here?
> ~Bill
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