[owncloud-devel] alternate proposal

Influency correspondent at influency.com
Fri Jan 8 19:53:08 GMT 2016


1. I was one of the persons whom proposed becoming involved in the 
initial owncloud/maxtor collaboration

2. I did not receive a response to my proposal and, although I provided 
further necessary information, did not receive a kit.

3. I've remained on the list with the thought that perhaps I might 
become involved in the second phase of the project

  - In that interest I researched and reviewed a number of what would be 
a preferred approaches on my part

4. It is my belief that the Team should consider working with firefox OS 
for reasons too numerous to delve into at this time

  - there are a number of existing implementations such as


5. It is my opinion and belief that FirefoxOS and related IOT and open 
source code bases, as well as other HW/SW/WEB?Community synergies could 
quickly create long term value and expand opportunities for extending 
the combination of HW&OwnCloud/

Please consider, review and respond. Thank you.

Yours truly,
William Gibbens of Influency

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